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Grand Prix = Top Class!



I will not be making any more - I have stirred my last cauldron images/witchstir.gif

Thank you to all Glossies who have supported me by buying Grand Prix Leather Gloss over the years. Your tack will never be so shiny again!

Says it all really!

Says it all, really! Order Now !

If you would like to have a picture featured in our "Glossies out and about" page, please send a .jpg file with an email.

It definitely makes sense to buy two tubs if you can as the postage is now the same for one or two tubs - get together with a friend and buy together! I have put a new option of two tubs and two sponges so both buyers get the same! Alternatively, buy one for yourself and one for an inexpensive but extremely useful present....

Brand new saddle treated with GPLG before use - See for Yourself : Proof that you don't need to oil!

One of my clients contacted me recently to order new supplies of GPLG and told me that - apart from needing some more - she particulary wanted to have plenty because she was expecting a new saddle and wanted to start off from the word go looking after it with Grand Prix Leather Gloss. She very kindly took the trouble to send me pictures of her brand new saddle before and after applying GPLG - you can see the results here

An important new use for Grand Prix Leather Gloss has been discovered by motor cyclist James York.
For more info go to The Leather Doctor.

Welcome to my Grand Prix Leather Gloss web site

I hope you will find this site easy to navigate & most importantly, easy to buy from. I have tried to make it very easy to find the right button to press to select what you want with the postage for your country. Go to the "How To Buy" page, click on your country / region and it should take you to the right place! Any problems or help needed please as always feel free to email me - I am always happy to hear from you.

Thank you to all those who have supported me - not only by coming back for more but also telling your friends about my great product... Probably 90% of my customers come to me through personal recommendation from people already using Grand Prix Leather Gloss.

Thanks also to all the people who have let me know all the different uses they have found for Leather Gloss - find more information on these by following the Product Information link - some you may be surprised at...

2nd November 2009
Hi, I received 2 pots of your saddle soap the other day (posted very quickly I might say). Originally I had planned to keep one and use the other as a stocking filler for my friend's Christmas present.
However, I started on my pot the other evening to clean a saddle and bridle that had been sat in the tack room for over a year. Wow! I am really impressed! The tack looks really good now with no mess and sticky finger prints! So I am keeping the other pot and my friend can do without!
I just wanted to say thank you. People are quick to complain these days, so I always think that praise should be given when due. Your website was very easy to navigate around, the delivery was very prompt and the product was excellent!
I am definitely a convert!!
Kind Regards, Clare Snowden

There are saddle soaps, there are leather dressings - then there is
Grand Prix Leather Gloss
It is a Revolution in Leather Care

Grand Prix = Top Class!

And it's so easy...

Once you have used this product no other will do....I made that mistake....not again!!!
Trish Thornton - December 2008

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