Originally developed for my own use and then fellow dressage competitors, the primary use for Grand Prix Leather Gloss has been care of sport horse leather equipment. Used now by all types of riders - dressage, showing, eventing, show jumping, hunting, endurance, and polo players, driving and racing people, users' families and friends have come up with some other uses! Far more than just a saddle soap, Grand Prix Leather Gloss does in one application the work of up to three different products! See below just a few examples...

Used for cleaning and care of all leather equipment for horses, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is used by top competitors because of the terrific, long lasting and non-sticky shine, & particularly because it is so easy! This bridle was cleaned on the day before the photo was taken, the horse has worked in, completed the competition and is in the line up waiting to receive his award. Look at that shine!  set_5_forward (1K)

And talking of "shine", some people swear by Grand Prix Leather Gloss for their riding boots too! These high quality boots have patent Leather legs with plain leather feet. The feet have been cleaned with Grand Prix Leather Gloss.

Petrie Riding Boots

Leatherwork on classic cars including Jaguars, Aston Martins, Daimlers, Rolls Royce & Porsches has benefited from the application of Grand Prix Leather Gloss. Pictured to the right is the interior of a Rolls Royce, upholstery maintained with Grand Prix Leather Gloss and far right is a 1958 Wolseley 1550 with leather upholstery, door and dashboard fittings .

This elderly chair pictured right was restored to something approaching its original state with the application of Grand Prix Leather Gloss.

Here is a rather careworn desk I inherited. It is difficult to get photographs that show clearly because sunlight tends to create shines and shadows, but I hope you can see how sad the leather looked. Nothing we can do about the very worn patch in terms of reinstating colour without dyeing it but the whole thing certainly looks a lot better after one application of Leather Gloss. One thing I did learn from this is that my directions for use are absolutely right! I got a bit carried away on the left hand side and put too much on to start with - it took a while for the leather to drink it in - I was more sparing on the right side, and that was immediately a good result!
Pictures show the desk before (top left), during (top right)with left half done and right half not yet, and (below) after Leather Gloss.

These red shoes had been sadly neglected. Just over a year ago, I took a picture after cleaning one - see top right - to try to show the difference, then cleaned the other one and packed them away in store for a few weeks while I moved....(ha ha!)

15 months later...I unpacked them, and the picture below left shows how they looked. One treatment with my GPLG (picture below right) - judge for yourself!

Here are some before and after pictures one of my kind customers sent me showing the results of her efforts with school shoes and riding boots.

Much quicker to get ready for school now....!

Another Glossy has had an interesting experience! She has a second hand saddle which she believes originally had a suede seat, although it is so well used now that it is difficult to see. Towards the front of the saddle behind the pommel, there was a watermark which was clearly obvious and irritating her, so my glossy friend decided to try her Grand Prix Leather Gloss on the saddle to see what happened!

The pictures on the right show the saddle with the watermark showing, and again the mark in close up. The third picture shows the saddle after cleaning with Leather Gloss. You can see the mark is far less noticeable! Her final comment was that the picture was taken on Thursday and she had not cleaned the saddle since the Sunday previous, so she was also well pleased with the long lasting shiny result!

So far Grand Prix Leather Gloss has also been used (that I know of!) with great success for hiking boots, handbags, all types of shoes, various leather furniture including repairing scratch marks on a leather sofa, restoring the original colour of another leather sofa, leather seat on a bicycle, motor cycle leathers and apparently even bondage gear(!). If you have a different use for your Leather Gloss, e-mail me and let me know (preferably with before and after pictures if you can!) - I will add it!

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There are saddle soaps, there are leather dressings - then there is
Grand Prix Leather Gloss
It is a Revolution in Leather Care

Gucci winner Elementary Area Festival

Rolls Royce interior   1958 Wolseley 1550

Antique Leather Chair
Neglected desk with leather inlay before Gloss  Neglected desk - leather inlay half done with Gloss
Neglected desk with leather inlay after Leather Gloss
Shoe on left cleaned with GPLG, shoe on right not yet Red shoes 1 year+ on   Red shoes after an application of Leather Gloss 1_red_shoe.JPG, 120*81
School Shoes Dirty School Shoes Clean Ankle Boots Dirty Ankle Boots Clean

Saddle with water mark 2nd view of saddle with water mark

The same saddle after Leather Gloss