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Frequently asked questions...

Here are some questions I have been asked over the years about using my Leather Gloss. If what you want to know is not covered here please contact me and I will try to help...

Q: Hi, may seem like a silly question, but how do you use it? I am not getting quite the shine I have seen in the pictures. Do you leave it for a while on the leather or not? Do you polish it into the leather?

A: No, really not a silly question at all - Grand Prix Leather Gloss is different from the run of the mill cleaners. It is not like a conventional saddle soap. Once you are up and running with it, it is much easier to use!

First point - depends on what your leather has had before. Some tack cleaners leave a residue on the surface which blocks anything from getting through the leather. Sometimes you know about it because it makes the leather feel tacky but not always. They just clog up the pores of the leather like an invisible film on the surface. I have found the best way is to use just a sponge or padded cloth and warm water to clean off the leather until you get back to the actual leather (one lady actually had to use a knife to scrape off the gloop, I think she must have been suffering from something like "saddle glue"!). When you are back to the leather, then apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss sparingly using a dry sponge. The leather is your barometer - if you are back to the natural leather it will take in the gloss and moisturise itself and you should be left with a shine. If it gobbles up the gloss and you have no shine, then give it a little bit more.

On the other hand if your leather is in good shape – not too dry – and you apply oodles of gloss then the leather can’t drink it in and you won’t get such a good shine because the residue of the gloss will sit on top. If you think of the leather as a bit like your skin and the Grand Prix Leather Gloss as the moisturiser you won't go far wrong!

Q: Should I use a wet or dry sponge?

A: Use a DRY sponge. Grand Prix Leather Gloss has moisturising built in and if you use a wet sponge you will create too much moisture, then potentially get foaming / froth - while you will still get the moisturising benefit, you definitely end up with less shining.

Q: Can I use Grand Prix Leather Gloss on my buffalo hide saddle?

A: I have had success stories with all sorts of leather including buffalo type saddles. The owners say they shine more than with any other cleaner they have used - but this type of leather will obviously not look quite the same as more "conventional" leather finishes, such as the saddle in the picture on the home page which is my own Bates and since I bought it has never had anything but Grand Prix Leather Gloss on it.

Q: I have noticed that you sell leather cream, can this be used on leather furniture? We have two soft leather settees that are about 3 years old now and the company we bought them from gave us a white watery solution to clean the leather once a year with. I have only cleaned it once and I was a little worried about cleaning it with this watery solution. So I only just dust over the furniture once a week now, but I feel the leather needs to be nourished but not to be made sticky as we have to sit on it. I would be interested in your advice.

A: Yes, my Grand Prix Leather Gloss is very good for leather furniture. I have quite a few customers who use it for that. It is neutral so you can use it on any colour (and it smells divine! Has fractions of essential oils of lavender and citronella in it). It puts the moisture back into the leather but doesn't make it sticky or slippery. If you have a coloured leather you may find that the colour looks deeper - nearer its original colour - when you have "moisturised" it. I always recommend a patch test just to be on the safe side on a bit that doesn't show. You just apply a little on a clean dry sponge and you will see the leather drink it in.

One of my friends has a small boy who just discovered the marks his nails can make on the leather! She uses my Grand Prix Leather Gloss and it hides all his damage! People use it on leather car seats too.

Q: My leather is coloured, but it has faded, some places more than others. Can your cream bring the colour back?

A: Yes & no. If leather is coloured other than brown it has been dyed and to restore colour you would need to use a dye again. What Grand Prix Leather Gloss WILL do is to make what colour there is come up better - this pair of shoes will give you an idea.The shoe on the left has been treated with Leather Gloss, the one on the right not.

Red shoes, one before and one after Leather Gloss

Same shoes about a year down the line having not been touched since (in storage during move) below:

Same shoes a year on, no further treatment!

Same shoes a year down the line after a bit of Grand Prix Leather Gloss to revive them.

An application of Leather Gloss later

I hope this gives you an idea of how the Leather Gloss brings up the colour that is still there and makes it richer, but cannot put back colour that is faded. Also check out the pictures of other applications to see more examples

Q: On my settees can I ask maybe what might be a silly question to you, do I apply the gloss and leave it on to absorb into the leather, then wait for it to dry and then buff over the leather with a clean cloth (like conventional leather cleaners) or do I just apply the gloss and leave it to absorb into the leather and that's it !!.

A: You just apply the gloss sparingly and leave it to absorb and that should be it. You would only need to wipe over if you get carried away and put too much on so the leather can't absorb it! It really is that easy...

Q: What is Google Checkout - and why should I use it?

A: I offer both Google Checkout and PayPal as payment methods on this site. Google Checkout is an alternative to PayPal - it is another secure way to pay on line with the same advantage that you do not need to give the retailer your payment details. You pay Google Checkout and Google pays the retailer. A lot of internet sellers are signing up with Google as it is easy for the buyer to use and some people don't care for PayPal. For more information visit Google Checkout - but don't forget to come back and buy your Grand Prix Leather Gloss !!

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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