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Meet the Glossies!

Mary King is the newest celebrity Glossy! See News and Mary's Page

Carl Hester wrote to me on the BD Members Forum:
"What a find! I wanted to congratulate you on your successful leather balm."

Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist, World and European Championship winner, Germany's top rider & trainer Ulla Salzgeber:

"The Leather Gloss is really very good. We use it always for competitions. My groom loves it! It makes the tack so shiny!"
Ulla has two lovely horses beginning their careers at Grand Prix Level - Herzruf's Erbe and Wakana. Herzi made his debut at Grand Prix last year and with Ulla won the Otto-Lörke Prize awarded by the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) to the rider, trainer and owner of the most successful German Grand Prix horse of the year younger than ten years old. Wakana is 9 this year - let us hope she can win the prize again for Ulla this year!

International Dressage rider and British National Champion Nicky Barrett:

"It is simply the best saddle soap I have ever used. Not only does it feed the leather, keeping it beautifully soft, but the product leaves a lovely long lasting shine on the tack."
June 1999

Nicky's recent successes include Advanced Medium National Champion 2006 / Runner up Prix St George 2007 / Intermediaire II Champion 2008 with Faberge 50 - using Grand Prix Leather Gloss of course! View Faberge's Photo Gallery

Diane Thornton lent her Grand Prix Leather Gloss to a friend - here are the results - picture taken just before their carnival. What a lovely turnout! Apparently it was even more shiny when the sun came out...

Ellen Mennes kindly sent me before and after pictures of her saddle and girth.

"I haven't forgotten about you, but I've been rather busy last few weeks. You were right! Rescue was at hand! What an amazing product!!! I already regret not having bought a bigger pot of Grand Prix Leather Gloss :)

Here are some pictures of the County saddle and girth that needed rejuvenation. The pictures don't really do justice to the wonderful effect the Grand Prix leather gloss had to the leather! The leather was not only shiny, but also very soft after using the Grand Prix leather gloss. And it's a nice product to apply to the leather. Cleaning and nourishing my tack is no longer a chore! Thanks a lot! Ellen
P.S. The saddle got sold straight away :-)"

(for full story see news archive "To the Rescue Again" )

Sam Jones of Cambrian-Coast Equine Supplies sells quality bridles and likes to send them out dressed and ready for use. Sam says

“Your product is very good - it works and it is quick and easy and make my bridles look perfect. I used to use dubbin which is a hassle to apply and does not shine them up the way I want.
Your Leather Gloss takes me half the time and they look ten times better!

Canadian rider Lorelei Sauder used Grand Prix Leather Gloss to rescue her favourite old saddle after a potential purchaser wrecked it by leaving it out in the rain!

"My saddle has never looked better and I like the fact that your product isn’t just a shiny top coat for the saddle actually FEELS much nicer now too. The Gloss seems to have absorbed right into it and it is so soft and flexible now. I can’t believe the difference!"

For full story see news archive A Canadian Converted

James Hamilton and Doyle's Diamond winning at Ardingly, pictured right

Helen Milner - on catching up with us after our internet launch:

"I am soooo glad to find this soap again - I had it before and my tack has never been so fantastic! Please send me the largest tub you do!"

Helen, formerly based with Blyth Tait and Craig Masterson, now of Worden Sport Horses produces young competition horses for eventing, and occasionally show jumping and dressage, depending how their talents develop.

John Karwl-Jackes pictured left with Bright Prospect

Thank you so much for getting it in the post so quickly, Hope you are well yes we are taking Brechin Bright Prospect (Dawn) also a new horse we have. Our groom and I have really missed our leather gloss since it ran out - we depend on it!"

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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Ulla with her special Ultra Professional Size Grand Prix Leather Gloss

Faberge 50 and Nicky Barrett - Intermediare II Champions 2008

Diane Thornton's friends turnout

Ellen Mennes' County Saddle before using GPLG

Ellen Mennes' County Saddle:
above before using Grand Prix Leather Gloss and below after!

Ellen Mennes' County Saddle AFTER using GPLG

jamesardinglyapr06.jpg, 112*79

Bright Prospect at 06 Brechin Castle Summer Show