Grand Prix Leather Gloss Instructions for Use

Grand Prix Leather Gloss is unique. In one application, it puts the natural moisture back into the leather, conditions it and leaves it with a deep, non-sticky, non-slippery shine. Grand Prix Leather Gloss does exactly what it says on the label.

For best results and best possible shine:

  • Apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss to leather cleaned of dirt and grease (warm water and sponge is best for cleaning off any mud / sweat / grease etc.)
  • Also remove any residue of previously used product(s) that might clog the pores of the leather and prevent the Leather Gloss from being absorbed.
  • Allow the leather to dry
  • Then apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss using a clean, dry sponge.

I recommend that you do not leave too much moisture on the leather or you may create excess froth! The Leather Gloss should absorb into the leather leaving it soft and shiny.

N.B. Leather which has been very wet, or is starved or dried out may require additional applications to bring up the finish. In other words if it is still thirsty, it will not shine!

Grand Prix Leather Gloss has no artificial setting agents and is a semi-solid product. In hot weather or if kept in warm conditions, it will liquefy. For best results keep in a cool place. If your Leather Gloss turns liquid pop it into the fridge overnight and it should solidify again. You can still use the product when soft / liquid but beware of using too much!

If you have any questions / queries don't hesitate to contact me for help - as always I am only too happy to assist!

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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There are saddle soaps, there are leather dressings - then there is
Grand Prix Leather Gloss
It is a Revolution in Leather Care

My old KN saddle, only ever cleaned with GPLG!

And it's so easy...