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An exciting new use has been discovered for GRAND PRIX LEATHER GLOSS thanks to motor bike rider James York. He emailed Perdita - having visited the web site to see what Grand Prix Leather Gloss is about - to discuss his problem. He had a beautiful new bespoke Corbin leather saddle on his motorbike...
Naturally he used the same product he was accustomed to use on his leathers, - result = a potential disaster or worse, an accident about to happen!

After some email discussion of the problem, Perdita sent him a sample of Leather Gloss.
This is his report back after use :

It arrived Saturday and I put it on Sunday - I've been out for a 150 mile ride today and it has worked very well.

Stop slippery seat syndrome.

When I got my Corbin leather seat I thought it would be a good idea to use Nikwax leather cleaner and then Nikwax leather conditioner on it - just like I do regularly with my leathers.

Bad move, it became VERY slippery, I slid back when accelerating, forward when braking, back and forward when I hit a bump and as I could not get a grip on the seat with my backside or thighs it was putting a lot of stress and weight on my arms. It really made my rides most un-enjoyable....

I found this stuff on T'InterWeb - Grand Prix Leather Gloss - the very nice lady who makes it primarily supplies it for horse riding tack but it can be used to protect any leather.

I put it on my the seat of my leathers and my leather Corbin seat and it's great - a good grip but still just right to move when I WANT to.

I can thoroughly recommend it.
James York
October 2010

Perdita was recently asked on a discussion forum how to avoid or minimise bridles stretching over time...

Her first comment was

"If you don't want stretch, don't oil! I was advised a loooonnnnnnggggg time ago, never to oil stirrup leathers for that very reason.. Oil is not necessary for softness and flexibility if you use the right thing that moisturises the leather".

Another member replied

You're right of course Perdita!! Dills has a 7 yr old Elevator which I oiled to start with and it has stretched, luckily not so as it's too big for him. Got one for Gracie several months ago and have only used the right thing on it and no signs of any stretching!

Then finnbob commented

"I agree with Dillibags oiled first Elevator once and it stretched, however second one has only been 'properly treated' and is fine."

If you are wondering what is the right thing? Combined moisturiser, conditioner with byproduct of amazing non sticky long lasting shine - GRAND PRIX LEATHER GLOSS! EXACTLY what it says on the label....

NOTE: The graphics are Perdita's additions and no reflection on the contributors!

Jim's Bike

Jim's Bike - The Corbin Seat