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A Canadian Converted!

How Grand Prix Leather Gloss rescued a favourite saddle from ruin.....

Since its internet launch last summer, Grand Prix Leather Gloss has been sent to lots of interesting new destinations. Canadian rider Lorelei Sauder bought some a couple of weeks ago and is now a complete convert to the benefits of using Grand Prix Leather Gloss!

This all came about because Lorelei had been thinking she might sell her favourite old saddle, and allowed it to go out on trial. Unfortunately, it got left out on a fence in the rain overnight by the potential purchaser who then of course decided not to buy it. When she gave the saddle back to Lorelei it looked to be ruined.

Lorelei takes up the story:

I tried for days to bring it back to life using saddle soap and neatsfoot oil, with no luck. One quick application of your Grand Prix Leather Gloss, and my tired old saddle is show ring quality once again! I will never again use oil on any of my tack. Thank you so much for selling such an amazing product, it truly did wonders with my saddle. I cant wait to gloss up all my tack!!!
I am recommending your product to EVERYONE in my town. I even put some of it on one of my purses and it looked great there too! Thanks again, and I will definitely be back for more!

When I asked if we could quote her on the Grand Prix Leather Gloss web site, Lorelei said:

I would be more than happy for you to put a quote on your page. It is very rare for a new equine product to work so well, and to be honest I was a touch sceptical when I ordered it but figured it was worth a shot. Boy am I glad I bought some! My saddle has never looked better and I like the fact that your product isnt just a shiny top coat for the saddle actually FEELS much nicer now too. The Gloss seems to have absorbed right into it and it is so soft and flexible now. I cant believe the difference!

Article date January 2007

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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