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Winter Management Feature : 20th November 2008

How HORSE & HOUND recommends Grand Prix Leather Gloss : Here's WHY!


Grand Prix Leather Gloss is a hand made moisturiser for leather. The moisturising action puts the life back into leather, and also produces a deep, long lasting and non sticky shine. It is a great restorative for leather that has got wet or muddy. Simply clean off all the dirt, wipe away any excess moisture, apply Grand Prix Leather Gloss and your leather will revive…

My Grand Prix Leather Gloss is great in the winter because if you ride in the rain you can apply it – even while the leather is still damp – and the leather will then not dry all hard.

The leather dries soft and then (if needed), another application of Grand Prix Leather Gloss and you have soft shiny tack again.

See the picture examples – click on the picture to enlarge.

1.   Tack after getting soaked in a downpour!           2.   Wet Tack After One Application of Grand Prix Leather Gloss

1.   Saddle & bridle after getting thoroughly soaked in a downpour
2.   Literally 5 minutes later, after one application of Grand Prix Leather Gloss
See how the shine is restored - note especially noseband and brow band which bear the brunt of the weather!

The saddle is virtually new but the bridle is around 5 years old. Both have always only ever had Grand Prix Leather Gloss used to look after them.

Many riders also use Grand Prix Leather Gloss on their riding boots and yard / paddock boots, especially when they are having a hard time in winter conditions.

wet boots before and after gplg

These riding boots were in the same downpour as the saddle and bridle! Sand and mud wiped off - one application of Leather Gloss and you can see the difference for yourselves. (The left one has had a quick wipe over with Leather Gloss)

I have some customers who hunt one day, clean their tack with Grand Prix Leather Gloss and are able to go to a show with it the next day, even when they have been out in pouring rain and covered with mud!

Grand Prix Leather Gloss gives you a great time saving on tack cleaning: not having to worry about oiling, waiting for oil to absorb then polish with something else etc. etc. adds up to quite a lot! It is a big help all year round but perhaps especially in winter when you don’t want to stand around in the cold for hours cleaning tack.

Moisturiser, conditioner, fantastic finish for the show ring, whatever you do!

Article date November 2008

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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