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Horse Talk New Zealand Tries Grand Prix Leather Gloss

What a difference this product made to my tack! Because I thought the gear in my tack shed "wasn't that bad", I wasn't really thinking about taking before and after shots, but once I started on the pictured bridle I was amazed by the results and had to get snapping. The tub said it would "feed, condition and shine all in one." And it did.

Soon I was cleaning excitedly - everything started to look so good, and almost like new again! My Bates saddle ("do not use soap or oil on this saddle") came up really well too, and, buoyed by the results thus far, I put the Grand Prix Leather Gloss to the true acid test: restoring a stiff, disused old pair of reins to their former glory. When held about eight inches from the buckle, these reins can actually stand on their own. They are certainly past their glory days, but I was keen to see how supple they might become again.

In the picture on the right, the rein at left is untreated, and the rein at the right has had one wipe over with the gloss. Not bad for leather that hasn't seen oil or soap for ... well, a very long time. As well as working as promised, the gloss smells pretty good, too (its contents include glycerine, coconut oil, natural fat and essential oils).

It has been around for a few years in Britain but is making its way abroad. Top riders all over (or their grooms) are using it, Ulla Salzgeber for one.

The product was developed by an advanced dressage rider for her own use; other riders started asking for it, and it is now widely used by riders in all disciplines (dressage, eventing, showing, show jumping, driving. etc.) It does not leave a sticky residue after use.

It's quick and easy to use, and perfect for giving a lovely shine to deserving tack.

Article date March 7, 2007 written by Robin Marshall

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Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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