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Customer comments obtained on 10/11 December 2010 - A big thank you to everyone who took the trouble to help me with this survey.

"I have some spare tack that I did not want to get rid of so last Christmas (2009) I bought some GPLG and cleaned all my spare tack with it, I then put the tack up in the loft and forgot about it. Last week I had to go into loft and saw my bridles and head collars and one saddle sitting there in perfect condition, it looked like it had been cleaned that day not nearly a year ago, no mould on it and still shiny so can't recommend GPLG enough."

Jill Day

"I don't know how you stay in business! I bought my first pot (standard size one) at the GOSH show (June 2010), and I am only 2/3 of the way down it! I have 6 saddles and 9 bridles in regular use, and they look amazing! I previously used a spray soap, and got through a bottle every month. So your little tub, though I thought it expensive at first, has saved me quite a lot of money!"

Andree Thomas

"I've used GPLG for several years and one small pot not only lasts for ever but has replaced two products in my tack box. It is simplicity itself to use and a little goes a long, long way and as an extra bonus it smells nice :-)"

Alexis Haines & Woodlander Chorister

"GPLG has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I detest grubby tack, but I'm really time-pressured so anything that is quick, clean and easy gets my vote - but it has to WORK, too. And GLPG ticks ALL the boxes."

Catherine Reynolds

"I don't usually eulogise about saddle soap, but GPLG is so different from anything else on the market. It does exactly what it says on the tub and lasts much longer than anything else I have tried. I've used it on husband's motorcycle leathers, our leather chairs and our pine furniture it is just so versatile."

Sue Black

"P.S. Well our pine dining table and chairs are waxed pine so once or twice a year I usually apply just a normal furniture wax (not spray) but decided to try GPLG. Saves me having to remember to buy furniture wax and I just use a small amount on a rag and then buff it up. I have been using Grand Prix Leather Gloss for over a year now and it is a fantastic product which has a range of uses."

"Have never used anything on my tack except old fashioned saddle soap all my life, until I tried Grand Prix Leather Gloss. Now I wouldn't use anything else. It's brilliant whether you're routine cleaning, suppling up new tack or rejuvenating old leather. My tack has never looked so good."

Judy Hancock

"I have had a tub that has lasted for ages. Its very good value, seems to really feed the leather and leaves it really shiny. Would be fab as a stocking filler for a present for a horsey friend, as everyone with tack should have some."

Layla Walker Warwickshire

"I use it as intended - on all my tack, all my stored tack (which I now don't have to soak in oil any more) and on my riding boots (also my Dubarry boots as it is better than their own product I have to say!!).

I also put a very small amount on a tiny sponge in my pocket and wipe over my horse's bridle for in hand shows just before we go forward to the judge. One judge so far has made a point of asking about my leather care products!

I have introduced it to my friends who have used it as follows:

  • Leather household upholstery
  • Car leather upholstery
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Handbags
...the only person who does not use it is my biker friend who has said that it makes his leathers look TOO good and therefore loses all street cred with his biking mates."

Moira Watson

"Having been recommended by a friend I bought a tub...... well after the initial cleaning off of all the old tack cleaning products, and the application of GPLG my tack is brilliantly clean, shiny and so supple.
The bridle is over 10 years old and looks like new. Just a quick wipe over with the GPLG after each use and it comes up great. My pot has lasted for much longer than I expected and it is such great value for money.
Bought a pot for a friend who also loves it, her husband has used it on his motorbike leathers too, he said most leather cleaners either make the trousers sticky or too slippery but GPLG just makes them supple."

Carol Flower

"I take cleaning my tack very seriously - as a job I actually love. I have used a number or products over the years from the traditional to the new fangled! Grand Prix Leather Gloss is the first one I have used that softens and shines tack without it getting sticky or dull.

It is also really economical. One tub has lasted a year on 2 sets of tack. It also gives a real lasting shine to my competition boots. Not sure how I managed to live without it."

R Kellett

"Grand Prix Leather Gloss is the best leather cleaner/conditioner in the world, wouldn't use anything else!!!"

Rosie Rowe 10/12/10

New feedback received May 2011 from Mandy Duncan:
"hi there, this is great stuff and easy to use and doesn't rub off onto your jods the way others do. Only complaint I have is that my husband cleans his boots with it. I use it on my suite and I go through a lot of it, even people on my yard borrow it!"