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Grand Prix Leather Gloss Move - latest update

This is an ongoing update for those of you who have been kind enough to take an interest in the "great move" and send me good wishes - all very much appreciated I can assure you!

At long last the move finally took place on 20th March, a Thursday as it was Easter weekend. This is my first experience of moving house, but it certainly lived up to everyone's prognostications of how stressful it would be!

The moving company were supposed to pack nearly everything on Tuesday to allow house clearance on Wednesday and just pack what I needed to camp out here at Glossy Towers while the builders are in. Well of course, they didn't, only sending one elderly man who worked like a Trojan all day and did his best, but it meant that Thursday morning was a total nightmare and we eventually drove away as the removal van for the incoming owners arrived!

Anyway I am safely installed with my bed, and some tubs of Leather Gloss to send out as required, and of course my computer! Broadband is now set up so I am back in business.

The house I have bought was a bit of a wreck so is being ripped to pieces and put back together again, and work has started on the preparation of the workshop in the back garden. I think it will be lovely when it is all finished!

29th April - A lot of progress in the last week! New boiler and heating system installed and up & running, the kitchen (and Leather Gloss factory!) is coming on apace, and soon I will have lights in several rooms - wires hanging in all directions just now! The foundations for the small workshop are nearly finished, but it must stop raining for two days to allow the base to go down - in the moment weather is better suited to those with webbed feet.

In the midst of the chaos it is quite difficult to think straight but have managed to get Google Checkout installed and up & running on the site, and so far it is proving to be great. For anyone who doesn't care for PayPal with its complications, Google Checkout looks like a perfect solution. The automatic communication seems to work really well, and I am sending personal e-mails to confirm despatch just to be on the safe side - and of course just now entry into the Prize Draw too.

26th May - Well I suppose you can call it progress..... The concrete base is down for the workshop but that is as far as progress has gone outside! Not one room finished inside yet, but I now have the bit between my teeth and a paintbrush in hand and am painting the woodwork. Unfortunately, the banisters and stair rail with spindles is a seriously fiddly job, and so far have spent something like 10 hours just on the undercoat!

Meanwhile the Grand Prix Leather Gloss Dressage Horse has done his first show for 7 months and first Prix St Georg for 3 years, and is feeling quite pleased with himself. For the first time ever in public, his flying changes - 5 x 4 tempi and 5 x 3 tempi - apart from being straight, through and correct were perfectly centred on X ! YAY!

13th June - Seems like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. House (except for kitchen) expected to be finished on Monday, the frame of the workshop is up but due to chippie's flu no further progress this week! Haven't started making the store yet, that will be last on this list I think!

Feedback on Google Checkout is very encouraging, thank you - I am told from the buyer's viewpoint it is very user friendly, much more so than PayPal, and it is very fast too. One lady desperate for Gloss phoned me at 3.00 p.m. placed her order at 3,15 p.m. and her parcel was at the Post Office by 4 p.m.!

21st July - Well some real progress at last, the house all but finished and furniture and boxes delivered from store at VAST expense and boxes now stored in one room and the kitchen. Can't contemplate unpacking yet as store and workshop need to be finished to make place to put things!

I am now pressing on alone with floor levelling, wall rendering etc. and trying to go as fast as possible, as stocks are beginning to run down.... More Google Checkout sales and a nice plug in Horse & Hound adding to the pressure.

Meanwhile the Grand Prix Leather Gloss Dressage Horse has ventured forth and completed two Inter I tests much to his delight. The first one was a shock to him, as he told me that we don't normally do these things in public (360 degree canter pirouettes and 2 tempi changes) but once he got his head round that we managed on the second outing only to make one mistake between us! And a 7 for most of his changes including the 2 tempis!!

TBH we are both pretty thrilled - lots to work on, but you have to start somewhere. A bit like the home/factory/office project really......

14th August - It is amazing what you find the capacity to do when you have to! The store is ready with its newly painted white walls and new compound floor a lively green, and racking in place, and product on the shelves! The cauldron is unpacked and today I am waiting for the first delivery of raw materials to the new facility so looking to be back in production next week. Just in time too....

The workshop looks really good on the outside now I have weatherproofed it, and am now to trying to make the base leak proof (which the builders didn't!) before I tackle the inside and get a floor put down. Now I need a plumber - easier said than done I find!

28th August - Finally! The first batch of Leather Gloss has been produced here at Glossy Towers - you will be pleased to hear I haven't lost the knack, it came out beautifully. Must crack on and make some more now, the orders are flowing following Horse & Hound's write up, and more and more people are kindly telling their friends....

The Olympics rather distracted me from work on the renovations here, but have been able to make some progress on the odd dry day and think I have solved the leaky base issue. I am now a semi-accomplished tiler too, the only problem being the cutter won't work so I am leaving all the tricky bits till last (hence only semi-accomplished - we shall see if I succeed to finish!)

25th September - Yes, I did it! The kitchen looks amazing - tiling done, grouted and finished. But what a trauma this week - much worse than my move, the Grand Prix Leather Gloss Dressage Horse has had to move,- just after I moved to be close to him at Medstead Grange where he has lived for 8 years, the owners decided to sell up!!!.

I have found a lovely new home for him thanks to the dear lady who runs the village shop and Post Office here whom I see most days since moving in (with Leather Gloss despatches), and who put me in touch with a friend of hers who is 4 miles down the road, so even closer than Medstead.... It must be fate. However, his Lordship was of course understandably upset and anxious at being uprooted on Monday after such a long time in which he only stayed away overnight once and declined to eat for a little while.

His new carers are unbelievably kind and nice to him and gradually he has stopped quivering and decided that it is OK! He is eating and lapping up the tlc and cuddles he has been getting. We are off to a show on Saturday so he can parade his skills (if only he can be brave and do it like he does at home..) and then training next week.

Meanwhile, I am madly cutting up eps for insulation in the new workshop which is more tricky than it sounds as the chippie made every single section a slightly different size! Ah well....

19th November - A bit of a gap since I updated you but have been very busy. First of all the excitement - His Lordship's 3rd Intermediaire I and Jennie Loriston Clarke (just back from commenting on the Olympics!) was judging, such anticipation! He was all fired up, couldn't wait to get off the lorry and get cracking, and did a really nice test. Unfortunately between us we fluffed the first canter piri and he did a flying change in the middle, so 3 for that (and on a coefficient, ouch!), HOWEVER he came 2nd by 0.2% !!! First (probably only) points ever achieved in Inter I.

2nd in Inter I

So we decided that for both of us moves have been a GOOD THING! We are off to our next one on Saturday, so will try to get a clear round this time.... In the meantime I have already had to clip him 3 times - he thinks winter is here early.

Meanwhile here at Glossy Towers, I completed the insulation, then managed to get some help to put up the plasterboard ceiling before tackling the walls on my own. Success! It took a long time and a lot of work, but is now done, painted and finished with trim. Last week I started preparing the floor and this last weekend I and "my help" put down a laminate floor which I finally finished off today with edging. I have light and necessary pipe work is in hand today and tomorrow.

I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.... Would love to finish the kitchen in time for Christmas so production can be fully resumed and boxes unpacked. I will be putting together a picture gallery soon with some before and afters which show an amazing difference!

June 2009 - Rather a long time since the last update...Very busy few months - just quickly to summarise:

  • kitchen units finally complete with appliances, as of now waiting for me to clean all the cupboards and drawers of any builders' dirt & debris and then decide where everything is to go.
  • bathroom FINISHED!
  • garden - work in progress...
  • workshop - not fully organised but pretty nearly complete
  • store - gradually clearing out and streamlining, as I unpack boxes, files and things sorting themselves out
  • one room still full of boxes, but once the kitchen cupboards ready for action, hopefully can get on to those boxes...
  • the new web site has taken an awful lot of time, but is now finished!! So can move on to other things and let it run itself for a bit....
  • His Lordship off to some parties now after recovering from a virus which laid him low through April and May.
  • Article date ongoing from April 2008

    Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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