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Ulla Salzgeber loves Grand Prix Leather Gloss!

Ulla Salzgeber has been a fan of Grand Prix Leather Gloss since she first tried it several years ago. Ulla is well known for her uniquely professional and thorough approach to riding and training, covering every detail no matter how small. This attention to detail also extends to ensuring she and her horses look their absolute best in and out of the competition arena. Ulla says:

"The Leather Gloss is really very good. We use it always for competitions. My groom loves it!"

Germany's number one dressage rider and trainer, Ulla's remarkable CV includes Olympic team and individual gold, silver and bronze medals, World Championships and European team and individual medals. She is currently very successfully introducing two young horses to advanced level and Grand Prix competition with an impressive number of wins and placings this year.

Ulla is the consummate professional! To help her be ready for another challenging season next year with many competitions, Grand Prix Leather Gloss produced a special "Ulla Salzgeber Ultra Professional" size, and she was able to take a break from her hectic schedule of lecture / demonstrations at the recent Your Horse Live event to collect her Leather Gloss. Let Ulla have the last word:

"It makes the tack so shiny!"

Grand Prix Leather Gloss is available in Standard and Professional sizes - click here for full price details and shipping costs worldwide.

Article date November 2006

Grand Prix Leather Gloss is the One for Winners!

Don't forget, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is not just a saddle soap - in one application it does the work of up to three conventional leather care products - and at half the cost!

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Ulla with her special 'Ulla Salzgeber Ultra Professional' size

Ulla takes a break from her hectic lecture / demo schedule at Your Horse Live at Stoneleigh, UK, to collect her "Ultra Professional" Size Grand Prix Leather Gloss - The size Grand Prix Leather Gloss produces specially for her!