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Why do I make Grand Prix Leather Gloss?

  • Some products give you a shine but they clog up the pores of the leather.
  • Some are sticky.
  • Some are slippery!
  • Oil will make it supple but it is so messy! And can take ages to soak in.
  • Some other saddle soaps too will make the leather supple but you get a dull finish…
  • Then you have to use something else to get a finish, then elbow grease etc. etc. to get a good finish.
  • Half the time someone then puts a finger on it and it smears!

That was my experience.

  • As a rider, I want supple tack that is kind to my horse to wear and nice for me to sit on / handle.
  • As competitor I want a shine that looks good and lasts (actually to be truthful I want the same at home too) and is not sticky or slippery.
  • When the tack has got wet I want a product that I can put on before it dries so that it dries at least soft if not immediately shiny again.
  • I want it easy and I want it to be quick.
  • I want to be able to use it on my boots if need be.
  • And I want it to be economical to use too so it lasts!

In the market I never found anything to do all that.

So for the last 12 years I make my own!

Other riders I knew started asking me to supply them as well, then people I didn't even know... 10 years ago Grand Prix Leather Gloss was first reviewed in Horse & Hound - and from there it has grown to where we are today!

Why do people like it so much?

Grand Prix Leather Gloss is simply the best leather care product ever. It is not a conventional saddle soap. A unique handmade blend of glycerine, coconut oil, natural fat and essential oils, Grand Prix Leather Gloss is effectively a moisturiser for leather, but with the added advantage of giving a terrific shiny non sticky / non slippery finish. Apart from the wonderful long lasting and non-sticky shine to help you stand out in the competition arena, it keeps the leather soft and supple. Grand Prix Leather Gloss has a great perfume which makes it a pleasure to use. AND it is so easy to use.

Unique 3 in 1 Action

Grand Prix Leather Gloss feeds, conditions and shines in one application. Simply apply it to leather cleaned of dirt, grease, mud etc. with a dry sponge and you will be astonished - it makes leather supple and soft and leaves it with a superb lasting and non-sticky shine.

There are products in the market which will keep your leather supple and products which produce a shine. Grand Prix Leather Gloss is unique - it feeds, conditions and shines in one. To see some examples of what it can do for your leather, visit the Photo Gallery.

Over the years, people have tried Grand Prix Leather Gloss out on other leather items with great success, - as a result I now have customers buying Leather Gloss to use on all kinds of things, for example leather furniture, car upholstery, shoes, handbags, and of course boots! Have a look here.

Instructions for Use

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There are saddle soaps, there are leather dressings - then there is
Grand Prix Leather Gloss
It is a Revolution in Leather Care

My old KN saddle

And it's so easy...

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